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The Godfather of Souls
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I'm back. I'll update this in time.
1984, a clockwork orange, a flock of seagulls, accents, achewood, alice in wonderland, alkaline trio, ancient egypt, animal welfare, animals, anti-peta, aqua teen hunger force, art, badgers, baggy pants, ball pythons, bats, beastie boys, beck, being a dork, best week ever, björk, black, blood, blue, books, boondock saints, boys who cook, buddhism, bunnies, burt's bees, calvin and hobbes, carnivorous plants, cartoons, cats, coffee, comedy, cool, corgis, critters, cuddling, cyberpunk, david bowie, dead kennedys, dinosaur plushie pens, dinosaurs, dogs, dollar store, donnie darko, dr. gonzo, dreadlocks, drop kick murphys, dvd, emo glasses, expensive things, eyes, fairies, fangs, fight club, film noir, flip flops, foxes, fugazi, ghost world, ghosts, glasses, goats, goblins, goldfish, gorillaz, gothic dance, hair, hair dye, hellboy, hoodies, horror, house rabbits, hunter s. thompson, incense, invader zim, ipod, jack and kate suck, jolly roger, kill bill, kittens, kitties, labyrinth, lip rings, little shop of horrors, lol, lost, m. c. escher, making new friends, mew, mice, modest mouse, money, monty python, nail polish, new zealand, newts, nightmares, nine inch nails, pale skin, panties, pets, pin-ups, pinstripes, pirates, poka dots, project runway, pulp fiction, purple, rabbits, radiohead, rats, reading, reptiles, roast beef, rob zombie, royal tenenbaums, sawyer, sharpie markers, sharpies, shaun of the dead, skulls, skulls and crossbones, snakes, space, stanley kubrick, stars, stripes, tank girl, tattoos, the breakfast club, the fifth element, the royal tenenbaums, tim burton, triceratops, unicorns, urban legends, vet tech, vh1, walking, weezer, wings, winter, zippos, zombie survival, zombies